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Born in 1998, Multicor Indústria Têxtil is located in Jaguaruana, far about 180 km from the capital of Ceará - Fortaleza. The company's founding was the result of a partnership between Jaguatêxtil – JaguaruanaTêxtil Ltda., located in Jaguaruana since 1990, and the Italian company Filda Spa.

The installation of this plant, since the beginning, has been contributing to the region. Its headquarters was built without use of any previous infrastructure, which enabled the creation of many direct and indirect jobs in the surroundings. It has contributed since then in the training of the local workforce, according to the level of expertise required for its operation.

Completely within the new globalized market, Multicor stood out by the technology used in the production of colored yarn of cotton from the recovery of textile fibers. This ultimate process technology enables the production of high quality yarns as well as contributing directly to the preservation of the environment.

The technology involved in the production of yarns at Multicor is originated in Europe by the second half of last century. This technology enables the reuse of textile products, allowing its use in the manufacturing of yarns that are used in many applications, where it was used in the past a yarn made from virgin cotton.

In addition to the reuse of textile products, which minimizes the damages to the environment, the process used allows the yarn produced to be the same color of the raw material used, that means, there is no processes involved in the dyeing of yarn production by Multicor. This is a main reason that gives the product the characteristic of being 100% environmentally friendly.

Multicor Indústria Têxtil is getting ready to enter the more elaborated products market, by diversifying its target audience and releasing their products in the international market, always aiming for quality and contributing to the preservation of the environment for the future generations.